Sleep Talking - 4 Common Causes and 6 Ways to Stop Them

Sleep talking is not rare for people, which might be more common among children with neurosis and neurological instability.

The content of sleep talking is often similar to usual thinking, most of which is what you think about during the day. Sleep talking is not a stalemate and this article will help you to end it!

According to research, falling asleep does not mean that the brain will totally rest. By contrast, some parts of it might become more active.

After falling asleep, people will enter a light sleep period (dreaming during this time) and a deep sleep period (eyeball movement slows down). These two sleep periods form a cycle

The first cycle time is always short while the second cycle time is longer. In the deep sleep period of the third cycle, there may be sleepwalking or sleep talking.

When a person does not sleep deeply, the nerve cells are still active, and people will have dreams. If the nerve cells responsible for speech are still in a state of excitement, they will direct people to speak. A dream talk occurs.

The expression of dream talk is very inconsistent.

It can be just the silent movement of the lips or some murmurs.

It can be a few words with unclear articulation and weird tones, or fluent speech and singing with perfect vocalization and grammar. It can also be laughing, crying, lamenting, moaning, cheering, roaring, etc.

Causes of sleep talking

  1. People who often talk in dreams are mostly over-tempered, over-heated, and nervous. The manifested physical condition is dyspnea and a dry throat. 
  2. It may be caused by excessive stress and mental stress from work and life. 
  3. Manifestation of neurasthenia, which is more common among children with neurosis and neurological instability. 
  4. The poor mental and psychological conditions may contribute to sleep talking.

How to stop sleep talking

  • Don’t overeat or stay too hungry before going to bed.

  • Drinking a glass of milk before bed will help sleep. 

  • Actively participate in physical exercises activities, or do all kinds of exercises like yoga, fitness, or gym workouts. Pay attention to cultivating and improving your character. Take part in group activities, and develop a lively, cheerful, friendly, and social personality.

  • Listen to music more. Music can relieve mental fatigue. Listening to music before sleep helps you to relax before and during your sleep. You can also set a timer for your music playing device. ShutEye has a huge selection of sleep sounds and sleep music, to ensure your sleep environment is as comfortable as possible.

  • Eat more glutinous rice porridge with lily, wolfberry, lotus seed in your diet. Poor sleep may also be caused by deficiency of liver and kidney yin.

ShutEye Sleep Talking Causes and Sleep Talking Treatment Eat more glutinous rice porridge
  • There is also a need to relax the mentality. It is not easy to fall asleep if you are always nervous. Just relax your body and mind as much as possible, take a hot bath, and listen to soothing music before going to bed, good book will also help you here, you even can see the dreams related to it. 

The above methods are to treat the symptoms but not the cause. The most important thing is to learn how to relax and regulate mental stress in daily life, which will help to improve the quality of sleep and reduce sleep talking.