Say goodbye to sleepless nights

Who we are

We are Enerjoy Team. Our team created ShutEye to empower the world through a rested mind and a healthy body. Nobody deserves another sleepless night. 

Why we are

We always hated sleep problems. Our dream is to help more sleepless people find a relaxing night’s sleep. That’s why we only the best sleep sounds and bed time stories. 

How it Works

ShutEye is the restful app you need to find soothing sleep and track your sleep data. We are guaranteed to lull you into a deep and restful slumber. 

About US

This product was inspired by our founder’s experiences with insomnia. After graduating from college, he took root in a bustling big city. The combined pressures of work and life often left him exhausted, causing worry and insomnia. Late in a sleepless night, he always thinks summer nights in his hometown. An old fan creaked in the room, accompanied by the sounds of a babbling brook and whistling cicadas from outside, he could fall asleep quickly every time.

From these memories, he began to have the idea of developing a sleep product, one without bulky electric fans or a specific environment, using only a cell phone to enjoy sleep-aiding content, helping insomniacs fall asleep.

That’s how ShutEye was born.

Contact Us

Enerjoy Limited
Address: 9 Straits View, West Tower, Marina One, 018937 Singapore